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Meet my Birds...

I specialize in Russian Singer canaries. I no longer breed any other type of canary. My birds are primarily yellow or white.

Please note, I do not have any canaries for sale at this time. I am in grad school and am currently breeding a very limited number of chicks each year. I am not holding on to males for the purpose of song training via a tutor either. Males will be sold young. They will come with a free song training CD.

Russian Canaries are relatively rare in the United States. They are one of the smallest, thinnest canary types. Listen to a Russian canary sing and you will quickly realize that their strong, melodious voices are not affected by their stature....quite the contrary! I love the song of the Russian Singers and they are the type of canary I focus on propagating. Click here to listen to the song of a Grand Champion Russian Singer canary. Watch the video on this page to listen to one of my canaries. Please note: Russian canaries vary in their song ability, and  males are priced according to how many notes of the Russian Canary song they can sing.


My Russian Canaries all originate from lines that were imported from Russia. They are song trained while in my home and come with a free song training CD to continue their song training in your home.

Prices vary according to sex and song ability, but generally are as follows:



  Baby Russian, yellow - (not song trained yet)
-available in late spring or summer
Baby Russian, white - (not song trained yet)
-available in late spring or summer
Song Trained Russian, yellow
- available in fall or winter
Song Trained Russian, white
- available in fall or winter
M $125. $140. $150. +* $175. +*
F $95. $110. n/a $95. n/a $110.
Unknown $110. $125. n/a n/a

* Adult song trained males are priced according to their song ability. They usually run between $150. - $300. Truly exceptional singers are $400. A song trained male stays in my home longer and is usually ready to be re-homed by late fall or winter, depending on when the bird develops its adult song.

If you'd like to purchase a Russian Canary, please contact Michelle Sawicki at: Michelle@canaryplace.com Please include the bird's name or identification (ID) number (when applicable) and your home phone number. Delivery is available to select locations in lower Michigan for a $25. fee. Payment must be received in advance for birds being delivered. Please include your home address in your email if you are interested in having a bird delivered. If you are interested in a pair of whites, please view my "Breeding Dominant Whites" video before contacting me.

Non-refundable deposits on chicks and song trained males are accepted, however I have limited space and cannot continue to house and feed birds that have been spoken for after they are ready to go to their new homes. Owners will be notified when their bird(s) become available and will be expected to take ownership of their bird(s) within three weeks of notification or the deposit and sale will become null and void. 

All birds sold are healthy to the best of my knowledge. I have no control over the environment a bird is put into or care (or lack thereof) a bird receives after it leaves my home, and I offer no warranties on canaries. To ensure your canary stays healthy, please read the "Canary Care" section of this website prior to purchasing your pet.

National and International shipping is available. Please note that shipping is weather dependent. I cannot ship when the temperature is below 50 degrees.

If you live in the United States: Birds are shipped at buyers expense via Delta Pet First, weather permitting. Shipping prices fluctuate, but are usually around $100. Purchaser must also pay a $25. shipping crate fee.

If you live outside of the United States: I only export in quantities of 10 or more. Please check your country's rules, regulations and required expenses for importing birds before contacting me.  Exporting birds is time consuming and costly. I am required to make numerous phone calls, take multiple birds to the vet, make an additional two hour round trip to the USDA office and a 3 hour round trip to the airport. Therefore, international orders are charged an additional $200. for my time and expenses. Prior to shipping, you will also be responsible for the cost of vet checks, health certificates, airlines and any other fees encountered to export birds.